• Water & Mold

    Water... ugggh! Whether it is the clean water from a water supply line leak or the dirty water from a washing machine overflow or even the grossly contaminated sludge of a sewer line backup, RECLAIM of Washington has the expertise to resolve the problem and get your property back to normal.


    • Water & Flood Damage Restoration
    • Sewer & Sewage Restoration
    • Fire & Smoke Restoration
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    We offer clean-up, restoration, remediation, mitigation, and emergency services 24 hours a day/7 days a week.


    We are available for inspections, plumbing, and repair, too.

    The Good, Bad and Ugly of Suspicious Growth

    Mold is everywhere in our environment: on our skin, in our food, on our computer keyboards and on the walls of our home or business.


    Mold is an essential part of our environment that helps to regulate the function of life itself, but when mold gets out of control, when it begins to exist in large quantities within our homes or business, it has the potential to become dangerous.


    Negative health effects,

    Property destruction and an unpleasant living/working environment are just a few of the problems that mold can cause. Most mold and other organic growth need three elements to develop and grow: the right environment, a food source and moisture. Take away any one of these three elements and growth is inhibited.


    Your home or business is an ideal environment for mold to grow and flourish; it has an ideal temperature and lots of available food (wood, paper, hair, skin, breadcrumbs, etc.). All that is missing is moisture.


    When you have water damage, 

    The mold that already exists in your home or business now simply needs time to grow out of control! Typically, visible colonies of suspicious growth can be seen three to five days after they have begun to grow, so it is necessary to address water damages as soon as possible. Once the suspicious growth can be seen, special mitigation techniques are required to properly address the affected areas.


    Thankfully, RECLAIM of Washington is trained and experienced to resolve the issue of mold and other types of suspicious growth.


    RECLAIM of Washington takes the process of remediating suspicious growth very seriously and performs the process with the utmost attention for your health and safety. Small amounts of suspicious growth can generally be addressed during the water mitigation process., however, larger amounts of suspicious growth will require appropriate pre-remediation testing, remediation protocols and post-remediation clearance testing performed by an industrial hygienist.


    Like all other problems, RECLAIM of Washington can resolve any suspicious growth problems you may have in your home or business


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